101Investing Review: Can I Safely Trade CFDs With This Broker?

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In recent times, the global trading market has seen several brokerage firms troop into the market boasting enticing features that make them stand out of the crowd.

However, as the number of brokerage firms in the market gains traction, traders tend to be in a dilemma when selecting the best broker from the numerous options. Regardless of the vast amount of brokers in the market, traders are saddled with the responsibility of conducting adequate research to determine the broker to choose. 

Criteria For Selecting A Good Broker 

Before choosing a broker, a trader should consider the following criteria:


Life, in general, is considered complex, and people do not intend to make it more complicated than it already is, especially when it involves their funds. Traders would most likely choose a broker with an easy-to-use platform over one that has a cumbersome interface. 

The simplicity of a platform would play a major role in the amount of profit or loss a trader would incur on a trading platform. When the broker’s interface is simple, the functionalities of tools can be easily grasped. 

Safety & Security of Funds. 

The essence of trading assets on any platform is to make a profit. With that said, you would not like a situation where your funds, including deposits and withdrawals, get stolen by the same firm you chose as a broker. 

To ensure that your funds are secured, traders are mandated to select a broker that is regulated by a financial authority within a geographical location. Thus, you can be sure that in the event of a financial loss or bankruptcy, the broker would be duly investigated and subsequently probed. 

Customer Service 

Traders may experience technical glitches while trading. However, the most important thing is to be assured that in the event of any error or you’re prompted to make inquiries, the broker can provide timely and quality customer service that would address these issues without causing untold hardship to users.  

Good Withdrawal & Deposit Services 

For some brokerage platforms, it is easier to deposit your funds than to withdraw. This is not a good practice, as traders may be in urgent situations that require them to withdraw their funds. 

Before choosing a broker, you need to be sure that they have multiple payment channels, whereby in the event an option fails, other alternatives would come to your rescue. 

Support For Several Markets   

Many traders do not like the idea of being limited to trade only a few assets. This forces them to move from one platform to another, looking for a suitable one that addresses their trading needs. 

For instance, a renowned Forex trader may develop interest along the line for cryptocurrencies, but the platform he or she is using to trade at that time may not support crypto trading. This would prompt the user to move to another platform that supports both assets. 

Users should choose a platform that supports several assets like stocks, indices, commodities, currencies, and cryptocurrencies because there is a tendency for traders to develop an appetite for other assets as time goes on. 

What Is 101Investing?

Based on the criteria mentioned above, let us review 101Investing, a Cyprus-based brokerage that allows traders to invest in over 250 Contract For Differences (CFDs) that cuts across several assets, including Forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, shares, and indices. 

The platform is designed for both beginners and advanced traders, and it has gone the extra mile to educate new traders, about how the market works and how to trade. 

Tradable Products Offering 

Using a CFD trading strategy, 101Investing allows users to trade the price movement of several derivatives. These derivatives are obtained from any underlying assets that are supported by 101Invesing, ranging from Forex to commodities. 

At the moment, 101Investing supports a handful of CFDs products, thus allowing traders to switch among assets as the need for it arises. The supported CFDs include: 

Forex CFDs

Using 101Investing, traders can gain access to Forex CFDs for several currency pairs up to 45 depending on the type of account the user chooses. 

The broker supports popular currency pairs such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, EUR/GBP, and lots more. 

Cryptocurrency CFDs 

101Investing allows users to predict the future change in the value of more than 50 popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), among others. 

The broker offers both crypto-to-crypto pairs such as BTC/ETH, as well as crypto-to-fiat trading pairs like BTC/USD, ETC/EUR, and more. 

Commodity CFDs 

Commodity markets are regarded as the oldest market ever. For decades, several commodities have been traded for profit. Items like gold, crude oil, metals, sugar, wheat, cocoa, and others are exchanged for money. 

101Investing Commodity CFDs do not require users to trade the actual products. The platform gives traders the financial derivatives of these commodities by speculating their prices within a specific period. 

Stock CFDs 

The stock market indeed poses significant risks like the cryptocurrency market because its value can decrease significantly in the long run. However, experienced investors would tell you that the higher the risk, the higher the opportunity. 

!01Investing provides traders with access to over 75 stocks from reputable companies, including Alibaba, AIG, Amazon, Facebook, and eBay. As with all CFDs, traders can gain exposure to these stocks without actually purchasing their actual shares. 

Indices CFDs 

Indices are a collection of companies’ stocks grouped based on their country or the industry they represent. 101Investing CFDs indices give traders the avenue to speculate on the world’s top financial markets and be informed about the state of top stock markets. 

CFDs Indices are financial derivatives that are calculated as a weighted average of share prices for top-performing companies listed on the platform. With 101Investing CFD indices, users can trade DAX, Dow Jones, Euro Stoxx 50, Nasdaq 100, S&P 500, and Nikkei 225.

Features of 101Investing 

101Investing boasts of mouth-watering features that will keep traders’ minds at rest. There is no room for panic as the platform is equipped with modern-day technologies to make your trading experience memorable. 

The broker has the following features: 


The broker knows the importance of being regulated by a reputable financial authority, knowing that it deals with traders’ funds. The operator of 101Investing, FXBFI Broker Financial Ltd, has gone the extra mile of being regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) with license number 315/16. 

This regulation gives users the conviction that their funds cannot disappear overnight without being compensated by the broker. The CySEC mandates brokers within its jurisdiction to file for regular audits and maintain specific investors’ compensation funds that would reimburse traders in the event of bankruptcy or financial loss. 

Multi-Layer Security 

Despite being regulated by the CySEC, 101Investing added multi-layer security to prevent its platform from being hijacked by malefactors, which could lead to loss of funds and users’ data. 

101Investing platform is equipped with top-class operational security modules such as numerous firewalls and SSL software, servers in SAS 70 certified data centers, and possessing PCI level 1 compliance, to keep traders’ card details safe and secure. 

Easy To Use 

The broker designed its platform in a way that anybody can use it. The rigors associated with other trading platforms have been streamlined to suit beginners’ needs.

Trading Education & Demo Account

To crown it all, the broker has taken the pain to publish several educative trading materials to teach both new and existing traders how to trade when they register on the platform. These educational materials come in different forms, such as articles, Video On Demand (VOD), webinars, tutorials, economic and earning report calendars, among others. 

When traders are convinced that they are ready to test the waters of trading any asset, they can do so using the demo account that comes with a virtual balance of $100,000. Trading on the demo account is similar to real trading, and the only difference is that no real money is involved.  

Efficient Customer Service Support 

101Investing offers professional customer support services to address all issues or inquiries encountered while using the platform. The broker has several communication channels for traders, such as LiveChat widgets, support telephone numbers, and email to resolve issues. 

However, the broker only offers 24 hours customer support on weekdays.  

Multi-Language Support 

At the time of writing, 101Investing platform can be accessed in seven popular languages, including English, Espanol, Portuguese, Svenska, Portuguese, Italiano, and Deutsch. Also, when a trader signs up for a professional account, multi-language customer support will be provided. 

Multi-Platform Support 

As long as there is an internet connection, the 101Investing platform can be accessed on the web, desktop (MT4 trader), and mobile devices, including Android and IOS, enabled devices. 

The platform further makes provision for automatic synchronization, thus creating room to open and close your trading position across devices. 

Account Types 

As the accounts vary on 101Investing, so do their features, as they are designed to suit different users’ trading needs. Each account is equipped with leveraged trading, allowing traders to trade with more funds than they have as their account balance. This leverage ranges from 1:200 for Silver Account to 1:500 for Professional Account. 

There are four account types traders can choose from, they include: 

Silver Account 

This account is made specifically for beginners with leverage support up to 1:200. The minimum deposit for this account is $100, with no stated max deposit. Traders using this account would pay 0.07 pips on a significant spread and have access to over 250 CFDs on assets.

Gold Account 

For traders who opt for the Gold account, there is no stated minimum and maximum deposit for this account on the platform. 101Investing did not place a limit on the number of positions a trader can use. Other features of this account include a 25% swap discount fee, a spread of 0.05 pips, 1:400 leverage, 0% deposit commission fee, as well as granting traders access to over 350 CFDs on assets and over 40 currency pairs. 

Platinum Account 

This account is designed for advanced traders. As with the Gold account, there is no minimum, and maximum deposit stated on the platform for this account. Account-holders are provided with leverage up to 1:400 and a 50% swap discount fee. Account-holders would pay 0.03 pips on a significant spread and a 0% deposit commission fee.  

Professional Account 

Before a trader is onboarded as a pro user on 101Investing, the trader would be required to provide certain proofs:

  • Proof that you’ve worked in the financial sector for at least one year, and gained the necessary expertise needed for the services under consideration. 
  • Providing evidence that your current financial portfolio exceeds 500,000 EUR. 
  • Show proof of transactions in significant size for selected markets. 

If a trader meets these requirements, he or she would be onboarded as a pro user, thus enjoying the unique features that come with the account, including a dedicated account manager, 1:500 maximized leverage, margin decrease by up to 70%, among others.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

What are the available Payment Methods? 

101Investing recognizes the importance of having multiple payment channels to address traders’ deposits and withdrawal needs, as it contributes positively to the platform’s growth. 

In view of this, the broker added several payment gateways, including MasterCard, Visa, Neteller, Skrill, among others. 

What Are The Requirements For Opening A 101investing Account?  

Since 101investing is regulated, traders are required to submit specific KYC documents during registration in compliance with the KYC rules. These documents include: 

  • A valid colored copy of your ID.  
  • A colored copy of your proof-of-residence.  
  • Credit card details, and more. 

After all submitted documents are confirmed to be authentic, the restriction limiting the functions of the account would be lifted. 

Is There A Sharia Account Offering on 101Investing? 

The broker recognizes that users differ in terms of their beliefs and faith. Some traders would like to stick to the practices of Islam while trading. 

Based on this, 101investing offers Sharia Accounts to address these concerns. These accounts come with zero interest rates and swap charges. However, other functions remain the same, including the trading of several cryptocurrency and fiat pairs. 


Despite all the points raised concerning 101investing in this article, investors are still saddled with the responsibility to determine whether or not to adopt this broker based on the criteria of selecting the best broker. 

In all you do, do not forget that regardless of the market opportunities, it also comes with significant risks that could lead to massive loss of funds. 

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